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As children grow up, their room continuously holds a very important place in their heart. It is the perfect place to express themselves, and often the only spot they can call their own. Because of this, kids' furniture should reflect who they are and what they like, instead of what you prefer as a parent — though you should have a say. Follow these tips to help find kids' furniture that will make both of you happy for the right reasons.

What kids' furniture pieces do I need?

When helping your child pick out furniture, make sure you get all the essential pieces. Besides a kids’ bed, a child’s bedroom should include a dresser, desk and desk chair. If there is extra space, a kid-size table and chairs would make a great workstation for crafts time, and poufs or beanbags would be nice for extra seating when friends come to play. Although the furniture should be sized appropriately, try to find some pieces that they can grow into over the years. A good-size dresser can last a child through adolescence, while a desk bought at the end of elementary school or the beginning of middle school will hopefully last them a decade or more.

What style and color kids' furniture should I look for?

Although your child should help pick out furniture, make sure the pieces aren’t too specific. Your daughter might like that pink desk right now, but next year (or even next week), her favorite color might be purple instead. Make sure that big purchases are neutral in color and theme, and then let the accessories add decorating flair. Little pieces of furniture that are less expensive, such as poufs or beanbags, can also help bring pops of color to the room.

What furniture material works best for children?

Finally, you should consider what material works best for the age of your child. A safe plastic play table and chairs work well for younger children, but because they often come in bright primary colors, they might seem too childish for a more mature child. For older kids, wood and metal are great options, depending on your child’s preference. Look for practical finds that your child will continue to love throughout the years.

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