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If you’re looking for a way to elegantly serve food or store your serveware , a buffet or sideboard may be just the solution. Essentially the same , sideboards traditionally have shorter legs and may come with a hutch , while buffets are more geared towards displaying food. The terms are often used interchangeably , but regardless of what you want to call it , sideboards and buffets continue to be stylish and functional additions to the dining room. When searching for the perfect buffet furniture , think about the following:

What size sideboard should I consider?

Take into account the overall size of the room , the size of your dining table , and the size of any other furniture you have in the space. If you’re planning on putting out multiple dishes for guests to serve themselves , try a small or narrow sideboard so that there is plenty of room to move about. In general , sideboards are large , heavy pieces , so be sure yours balances the room instead of overpowering it.

What style sideboard should I choose?

Sideboards date back to the 18th century , but today’s selection includes a range of styles from midcentury and modern sideboards to farmhouse and rustic sideboards. When considering a style , take into account the theme that your dining room currently represents and what you hope to accomplish with your buffet table. If you’re looking for a piece that will keep favorite items accesible or on display , try a tall English farmhouse sideboard with a hutch. If you’re looking for a piece from which guests can refill their drinks and plates , perhaps a smaller , modern buffet table would be best. For the items that you’d like to keep behind closed doors , a glass , metal or oak sideboard with cabinets are all stylish options. Consider sliding cabinet doors to avoid getting in the way of foot traffic.

What features should I look for in a buffet table?

A sideboard with a wine rack can be a great place to store and serve wine. While some sideboards come with wine racks built in , you can also look for ones with cupboards and simply put a wine rack in yourself. If you’re hoping to display your favorite plates , teapots or other decorative objects , consider getting a sideboard with a buffet hutch or glass cabinets. Sideboard cabinets can be used to hold anything you use when serving guests in the dining room. Think dinnerware , glassware , flatware , linens and candlesticks to keep your dining room buffet stocked.

Where else can I use my buffet?

Don’t feel like your buffet must be confined to the dining room. Sideboards and buffets essentially began as cabinetry before kitchens came with built-in cupboards , and a kitchen sideboard can still bring an elegant farmhouse feel to your home today. To achieve the look , use a clean white sideboard to hold baking supplies or as a coffee and tea station. Or , pair a mirrored sideboard with a dramatic piece of artwork to create a contemporary chic mood in a hallway. If you’ve got extra space in your living room , try placing an antique sideboard against a wall and placing drinks or books on it for easy access.

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Storage is one thing you can never have too much of; however, finding stylish and functional storage furniture for your home can be the ultimate challenge. Consider pieces other than the standard cabinets, bins and shelves — use a buffet or credenza in a wide hallway or bedroom instead of a dining space, or use a bar cart as a side table. Given the amount of unique alternatives when it comes to storage, definitely think outside the box!

Evaluate the amount of storage you need (overestimating is encouraged) and go from there. If you have trouble finding pieces with the right capacity, think about what items you can split up and store in separate places. This will open up more options, and who knows — maybe you’ll actually be able to find things!

Browse our storage furniture section to find the products you love.

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