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Sinking into a plush , comfy chair can be enticing , but if you have arthritis , joint pain or other conditions , standing up again can be a challenge. Thankfully , lift chairs can address this challenge comfortably. Power lift chairs assist with the motion of standing up by carefully boosting the seat of your chair and supporting you throughout the motion.

What size lift chair should I buy?

As with any chair , you’ll want your lift chair recliner to fit your proportions. This will enhance your comfort and increase accessibility as well. Here are some average sizes and height-to-weight ratios to help you decide what size of lift chair is best. Keep in mind that these sizes and weight capacities will vary based on the model you choose.
• Small: This size features a backrest with limited reclining capability and an elevating ottoman.
• Medium: 5 ft. , 4 in. to 5 ft. , 10 in. and up to 375 lbs.
• Large: 5 ft. , 11 in. to 6 ft. , 2 in. and up to 375 lbs.
• Tall: 6 feet , 2 inches to 6 ft. , 8 in. and up to 375 pounds.
• XL: Has a seat that’s 2 to 4 in. wider and a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.
• XXL: Has a seat that’s 4 in. wider and a weight capacity of 600 to 700 lbs.

What reclining options do lift chairs have?

You may have noticed that power lift chairs typically offer three reclining options. Here’s a quick description of each one to help you decide which style is best suited to your needs:
• Infinite position: These provide a full range of reclining capabilities , all the way from a sleeping position to a lifting option that will help you stand back up.
• 3-position: This style provides a fairly wide range of recline positions , though it doesn’t fully recline into a sleeping position.
• 2-position: These provide two positions: a slight recline with an elevated ottoman and a lifting position to help you stand.

What other features can my riser recliner chair come with?

Along with a range of options for recline positions as well as sizes to maximize your comfort , your lift chair may offer a few fun extras. These can include massage and heat options , storage pockets , built-in cup holders and trays , plus lumbar pillow support.

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Invest in some double-duty furniture.

When the space you have isn’t quite enough, it’s important to find furniture that has more than one purpose. Adding double-duty pieces is a great way to conserve room and save money, especially with a large or growing family. Instead of buying a traditional sofa, invest in a sofa bed or daybed for overnight guests. Find an ottoman with hidden storage that can act as extra seating, as well as stash extra blankets and throws. Finally, benches with room for wicker baskets and bins help with organization and seating, too.

Take advantage of your entire family room layout.

The center of a living room is often filled with sofas, armchairs, area rugs and coffee tables, so use the room’s corners to create individual nooks. In one corner, place a chaise lounge, side table and table lamp for the readers in the family. In another corner, place a small computer table and laptop for gaming and homework. And for the adults, use one corner to house a bar cart stocked with all the essentials.

Go big with built-ins.

As one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, living rooms often collect an abundance of books, electronics and knickknacks. Avoid turning it into a glorified storage unit by splurging on built-ins. Although they might be pricey, built-in cabinets, shelves and entertainment centers provide plenty of storage and give the impression of an organized, put-together room (even if that’s not the case). Built-ins also save space, so you won’t have to worry about finding room for a bookshelf, sideboard or media console.

Offer plenty of alternative seating.

When you have a large group over during holidays or special events, it’s key to have enough seating for everyone. For a space-efficient option, use small ottomans, poufs and cubes, or even floor cushions and pillows when the crowd is extra large. Store benches along the perimeter of the room so they’re easy to grab and move during a party, and ensure you have a basic sofa (or two) and armchairs. For even more seating, store folding chairs in a nearby closet or take chairs from the dining room.

Bring in decorative accessories.

There’s no need to skimp on the accessories, even when space is limited. Small things, such as colorful throw pillows, soft throws, shiny candleholders and trendy trays, can pack a very large punch and can help your space feel like home. Picture frames and wall art are great ways to personalize a room, and area rugs and curtains can add larger pops of color.

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